Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloody Hell........

Nightmare folks - got the wrong day to fly back. I only found out at the airport and now am making may way back to the hostel. All geared up to go back home and now have another 24 hours, feeling knackered.

I,ve been able to get more money out, so won,t starve.

Please tell Jo I,ll be a day later if you read this. Also, I,ll check this in the morning, so if you could write a comment, it would be great.

Pants :(

Spas and Bars in Budapest

I,m at the end of a weekend with Dad, Tim and Matt, attempting to write on a Hungarian Keyboard, which is qwertz rather than qwerty, so excuse any weird punctuation.

We went straight out to the biggest underground bar in town on the first night, and tried many more over the course of the weekend, usually on the advice of our Easyhotel receptionist who had the inside scopp on where all the best places were. She came up trumps the vast majority of the time and even directed us to a bar where we bumped into a gang from the New Inn in Clitheroe who save up to visit somewhere different each year. I was astonished to look up from my 0,5 litre of beer to see Derek M from JM!

We gave much of the first day over to the Hungarian wine festival, based at Buda Castle. An amazing location, sunny weather, and lashings of sub par wine. Sadly our favourites all seemed to be from places like spain and South Africa. Good fun, though.

The next day was spent wandering over to a vast park containg an old spa, reputed to be the best in town. It was a vast place with endless little pools, saunas, but with a great trio of outdoor pools of differing temperatures with all sorts of water features. Best was a water roundabout which just spun you about in a vast circle. It was so excellent that we decided to go to another spa for the next day. The second we went to is the most famous in town and attched to a posh hotel. This was more refined, but no less fun with a wave machine that went off each hour and produced huge waves that pummelled us into jelly. We were able to reinvigorate ourselves with beer, though. Very mellow lying by various pools with draft beer on tap.

Anyway, the Woods have all gone and I,ve got a few more hours to explore and grab a beer or two for the road. See you back in the UK.