Friday, 7 January 2011

Wild with Pants blog now open for business

If you enjoyed the rather vague barn owl images in our New Year post today you will be absolutely delighted to learn that we have been on the same walk this afternoon and seen the barn owl again.
To celebrate this and our general love of trying to photograph wildlife we have started a sister blog here:

Please programme Wild with Pants into your various electronic devises (i-pods, pads, touches, calculators etc) so that you can follow the wild bowland year, season by season.

Enjoy ..
PS: we'll still update TwP when we go away anywhere.

Happy New Year

We've had a great Christmas up t'north in t'snooow. Enjoyed having Audrey to stay over Christmas hols and managed to get out on one of the most stunning days of the year around Bowland area in glorious sun and blue skies with glistening thick crystal snow. Didn't see the Hen Harrier which probably made us look like fibbers (but we honeshtly aren't!)

We then went to Wirral for NY and spent 5 nights in 5 different houses!! Stuff littered everywhere. Super Christmas prezzies from everyone- thanks to all for some really astounding choices -we are right royally chuffed! I WILL now become a leading lutra lutra expert with upwards of 6 otter books!!

Great to see people we've not seen in a year Paul and Wends, Graham and Ghitta, the Sophster's sister Em and the lovely Chris. Such a laugh and too much to drink I fear. Also Jess's Martin- what a star!! Debs and Rickers and some time with Ells really good fun and Mum and Pop too briefly as ever when being pulled all ways (What a good night Pop's birthday turned out)

Now too soon we're back at school and counting days until half term.

For disbelievers here are some shots of the Hen Harrier and some of a Barn Owl (taken on Monday afternoon in lieu of going to Leighton Moss)

Happy New Year everyone and hope you'll all have a great 12 months.