Friday, 19 February 2010

Applecross here we come again!

Hurray! At a recent summit meeting in Genev... no actually to be honest in the pub (Inn at Whitewell to be exact) we decided that yes- we will head to my (Jo) fave destination ever... Applecross Penninsular Wester Ross, for Easter hols.

Physically I can already feel the pull towards that most perfect place and find myself lying awake each night recalling every detail of the panorama, the fantastic fresh sea food served up by Judith and her trustee gang of friendly, hardworking staff at Applecross Inn, the sea, the mountains, the deer, the otters we'll see again (that last from my lips to the gods' ears!!) Maybe we'll get to catch up with Dave and Aiden again which would be dure to be a laugh- the most bitingly funny chaps around and a guaranteed hangover is always in the offing when our paths collide!

As for recent months we've spent time in Devon with JB just before Christmas which was a great relief from the trials of a seemingly never ending Christmas term. JB- we're now convinced more than ever that those noises of sploshing and high pitched squeaking we heard in the brook that freezing cold starry night were otters! This from having seen Ring of Bright Water again recently (as part of my AX campaign against Simon's Seville campaign) and Simon King's Shetland Diary footage of the otter family.

Spent a lot of time at "home" at Stony too in the snow and it did look magical over Christmas deserted and snowbound (Narnia perhaps) Though after a week we were beginning to feel more like we were in the Shining!!