Saturday, 5 June 2010

Wildlife Adventures in Scotland

It's been awhile since we posted - partly this is due to the extremely annoying dark ages technology we are forced to contend with at school. I have been unable to get access to my email account from the flat so cannot send promised photos to Judith at AX Inn. So sorry Judith if you happen by here I am trying to get a slot in the ICT dept calandar to rectify the issue and then the promised pictures will be on their way.
Meantimes the attached was taken at Milton Shore (it was drizzling quite hard so the image is blurry I'm afraid) All in all this year's trip to Applecross didn't disappoint in terms of food, walks, laughs and wildlife. We saw a whopping 5 otters which was an incredible bonus. One occasion we saw a mother and 2 cubs which was really special.
Not only that but we had our tent raided two nights in a row by a pine marten (unfortunately we didn't see him/her) but on the second night it took a red canvas bad with Henry the hoover logo on the side.. If anyone has found this ... please let us know.
It was a shame not to have caught up with Dave and Aidan but I guess with our bad planning and their house move it wasn't to be this time.

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