Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Big lizard watch

Hi folks!
We arrived- finally- it was a totally knackering journey all told. Met with Rev. Bill at Delhi Airport- wow that's a lovely place!! NOT.

We only got to speak with Bill briefly as he was on the job protecting British borders from advancing illegal immigrants- which looked to us a little tough and involved a lot of passport scrutiny and endless phone calls to check people's destinations etc. Anyway even for the short time we had- it was great to see old Bill (looking exactly the same age as he was 11 years ago)

Arrived at about 8.30pm in BKK in 30 degree heat and no air. No probs checking in and a good snooze had by all. Yesterday we re-aquainted ourselves with some old haunts and some new areas of general bustling humanity and lack of loos (eventually the call of nature necessatating (sp) a bail-out by tuk tuk back to Khao San Rd.

Numerous beers and a sleep and shower saw us set up for a night out (definitely quieter than last year) All the usual suspects were out and about selling all the usual rubbish. One of the Burmese mountain women (adele) who sold us Elli's chirruping frog last year remembered us which was pretty incredible. Suddenly about 10pm I (Jo) began literally to melt and had to shakily ascend to bed where I fell asleep for an hour and felt worse when i awoke. Not sick or anything - can only put it down to heat stroke or something daft! Si went out and watched the footy game (starting here at 1.30am!)

Today we tentatively took our first Anti-Malarial pills with a yoghurt and muselli brekkie and then sat back to await the onset of the side effects. It's now about 4pm and no ulcerated gullets to be seen!

Went for a gentler wander around some quiet back streets and took numerous pix of a 4 foot monitor lizard as it swam up the canal and then started to explore the alley under a house! Not the prettiest wild life watching moment. Had our first run in with a wild dog- well it was a poodle but it seemed pretty wild to me- well if not wild certainly pissed off!! Suffice to say, I hurtled off down the street like a startled gazelle (okay buffalo) whilst Simon sort of laughed at me and later reassured me that if it had been a threat he would have ripped its head off!! All bodes well then for the remainder of the trip (Watch out canines)

Tomorrow we jump a taxi at 4.30am and set off by train to Cambodia border crossing.
Hope everyone is well... we're a little bit jaded I think but I'm sure we're just acclimatising. Next update should be from Cambodia.

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