Friday, 5 August 2011

Happy birthday Mr President and me!

Never realised Barak et moi shared a birthday(also Gerry Garcia and of course dad- I'll call them the Grateful Dead-that's a poor joke only old hippies will get!)

Planned to spend yesterday seeing the elephants at a special camp where the festival tuskers relax in the off season. What the guide book described as a great day seeing over 30 elys, washing them, feeding them etc actually turned out to be a back yard with four sad looking tuskers and one non speaking magpie in a plastic chair looking vaguely confused when two White folks showed up with some cameras and a half hearted bunch of bananas!

Beautiful beasts however and quite different from those in Thailand. One super old chap had something in his look-possibly wise but humourfilled eyes and large ears and brow shape that left me fondly remembering my granddad Mac all day! I even found a tear coming to my eye as I watched dolphin pod cruising along the bay whilst repeatedly listening to Nessum Dorma!

Today I woke up aware that a small boy was waiting for me to open my tired eyes,which I was too knackered to do! The small boy in question was my beloved husband excitedly waiting to sing happy birthday to me. Eventually when my bladder forced a half hearted stumble bathroomwards with only one eye half open I got the full cheery tune from him! As I was particularly grumpy to be turning42 he regaled me again two hours later when I opened my eyes properly in the day. Permit me a moment of slushiness here when I say I love my Pants to bits n pieces!! He has made every effort to ensure I've had a great day. He even bought me a lovely bedspread with elephants embroider on it.

I've requested that it can remain my birthday until we go home as a girl could get used to so much love and attention. Apparently, however, it ends at midnight!!

Meanwhile it has been great to get FaceTime with mum, pop, elli, debs, John this evening-wonders of technology!!! I got to see them all cheerfully gobbling up huge quantities of what could only have been MY birthday cake!!!!

Love to all xxxxx

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  1. happy elephant day!
    i had some peanuts to celebrate. love Andrew xxx