Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tandoori ovens burning in Varkala!

My is it good to be back at home sweet Mummy Bamboo Home with our Rani in Varkala!
Long, uncomfortable train journey, made worse by an hour half delay! The first half of trip was great though- watching life in backwaters from train. Then it got dark and the delay & hard seats, cramped conditions began to take their toll.

Eventually arrived at our beloved Cafe Del Mar at 10pm. Quick order of food and cold beer and we had one exhausted hour to scoff the lot before they closed. Fell exhausted into our old bed at 11pm! Never realised how squeaky clean it was until we'd been everywhere else.

Great day on beach watching the fishermen launch their two stick tied together boats perilously into the surf!
Today, reading for Jo and swimming for Pants, followed by relaxation on the balcony.

This interrupted by Rani's kids getting very excited and bringing the whole community out to look up into 50ft palm trees! A job for our man in..... Pants duly dispatched on his fact finding mission, discovered the general glee came from an exceedingly rare sighting of a pea-hen high in the palm tree!

Now about to sample delights of the local fishermen's toil (butterfish) and the newly fired up tandoori oven so will sign off!!

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