Saturday, 30 July 2011

Goodbye Kochi and thanks for all the fish

... well we didn't eat that much to be honest but the place fairly reeks of fish in some areas (Simon's rucksack being one such place... some might say "oddly enough" but not me)

We've enjoyed a week here and had a great time. People have been fascinating, friendly and fun.

On Friday Simon had his inevitable day of the "Kochi Quickstep". (I think I had pineapple poisoning - S) It happens to each of us each year but fortunately lasts 24 hours only. The weather stank, torrential rain interspersed with incessant drizzle so we were both really quite flat by the evening and hitting the 3 week wall! This state we have discovered manifests in symptoms such as: Talking about cheese, mashed potatoes, ice cold chardonnay, clean sheets, hot showers, fresh air etc and can develop into a fever of talk around the minor details of which train to catch back from the airport, whether to take a taxi from Clitheroe or Whalley and the order of showering, drinking a cuppa tea and getting into our own bed when we finally arrive.

We took a couple of G&Ts as medicine and slept it off though and by Saturday morning we were up bright and early and walking the walk again. By Saturday afternoon the spice trade area whilst still buzzing seemed to have a more fun and laid back feel about it and this was apparent when a group of saronged chaps standing on a flat bed lorry catching the sacks of spice which their pals chucked up to them, called to Pants to join them!

Whether this was in jest or not we'll never know because Super Pants, having bounced back from his illness and feeling the need to prove his manliness and strength, leapt up to join them (with only some slight help from two guys yanking his arms from above and three heaving his backside from below) and began to work with the spice shifter wallahs as though he was doing it all his life. Great guffawing and fun for all and some fab photos.

About 100 feet down the street another such outfit seemed to have had word that there was much fun and skiving to be had by getting the white tourist who would be soon approaching them to help. I think they sent a runner to alert the guys "Yes he is coming, no not this tall American, the one you're after looks more like Bill Oddie & his goat".

This time Simon was really determined to prove he had the smarts for the job and wasn't merely a laughing stock. They gave him a rag for his head and had him trying out for the role of "balancer of sacks on head" job. Would he allow them to give him the advantage of only carrying one? Would he heck.... standing there with a sack on his head, no hands as they were both engaged in the universal sign language of "Gimme more, Bring it On" Really funny! Can't wait to show the pictures (they have to wait until we get home though for fear of viruses wiping our SD cards as happened in Cambodia once)

Anyway it's been great but today we're moving on again by train back to Varkala. Hopefully this will give us an opp to get some sun (though not holding out much hope) and also to chill completely for 5/6 days before heading to Alleppey and uber chilling out of house boat and cycling about the backwaters..if poss.

In Varkala about 9.00pm our time this evening which should be around 5ish UK time so anyone fancy any face time? JB?

Love to all J&P x

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