Thursday, 14 July 2011

Very difficult to move on!

We've spent close to a week here at Varkala Beach and it looks like we'll be here a few more days. It's like having a Caribbean holiday but with fewer dreadlocks and a different soundtrack. Oh, and with curry for lunch rather than flying fish sandwiches.

I know we need to get stuck into India and have many misadventures, but right now we can just about manage shifting from beach to restaurant and vice-versa. Today we made the huge step of getting a rickshaw to a temple out of town, and then it rained and when we arrived it turned out to be closed. The only way to tackle it was to go back to a beach bar for beer and chilli prawns.

Apologies for the dinky photos taken with our video camera rather than the "real photos". The internet is so slow that it takes an age to upload any normal sized photo.

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