Friday, 15 July 2011

A small observation of love!

Watched a charming interlude today of a young girl (western- turned out to be 13 yr old Berliner, Naomi.) really showing pure love for a fellow creature. The rabid dogs I have been so scared of turn out to be generally underfed, under watered and definitely under played with pooches of kind. Similar in size and shape to our own Marcie these little hounds wander around hungrily watching you for fear of a kick and in hope of a snack.

This evening we watched as the sweet Naomi began to win the confidence of a lovely looking dog which she had named "Fluffy". Naomi spent a lot of time placing water balloons for Fluffy and trying to gain the dogs confidence. The time I came to talk to them the two were nigh on inseparable lying on the brick path happy as clams. Was really touched and feel that young Naomi has a really good heart! If you read this Naomi then... It was nice to meet you and Fluffy!


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