Sunday, 17 July 2011

On the road again

Well not quite on the road again but gearing up. It is increasingly difficult to plan a move forward as the laid back atmosphere of Varkala seeps into our bones and we become more and more lethargic. Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day after a night of storms and power outages.

We took a long walk north along the cliffs taking in a number of fishing bays and small hamlets and also decaying ruins of former resorts. Wildlife abound and we saw Mongoose, Kingfishers, Kites, Cameleons etc. Little families were sat enjoying the views from the cliffs and were really smiley and friendly; the children running up to us waving long before we got close. We had plans of great photos of kids and faces and people in coloured saris etc but it is too easy when they come to us and ask for their picture taken. Like shooting fish in a barrel!

When we got back our dear hostess Rani prevailed upon us to eat dinner at the house. We duly went down at 6pm and she sat us on the porch of the guest house and brought us each a banana leaf which she then proceeded to artfully place little piles of chutney and curry upon. She kept nipping back into their little house and coming out with more. We did have a small fit of giggles at one point when we thought we could have made a terrible faux pas after she gave us the original two little piles on the banana leaf and left us to fetch more if we had rolled the banana leaf up and eaten the lot! So that when she emerged there was nothing but a couple of queasy looking guests chewing the last bits of banana leaf!!

All the food was cold, even the chicken curry and rice but we both concur it was absolutely deliciously tasty. We then spent a really enjoyable evening talking with Omid from Vancouver about God and Man and Law etc.

Have been pawing over the maps and guide books this morning trying to work out what to do next. We think at the moment we may take a cab to Periyar Tiger Reserve, staying at Kumily for three days or so before bussing it into Kottyam and on to Munnar Tea Plantations. There was some possibility of heading to a quieter and better reserve further north but the journey looks pretty bitty and tough and it could be expensive. Our main worry is that we can finush our planned route in a few weeks and be left with two weeks and no plan. We have now relaxed a bit on this point and thought we can always head back here for some further chilling if needs be... I mean how hard would that be!

Appreciate that our complete inertia and chilled out state doesn't make for exciting blogging but heh... it's been a tough yearwe need the break.

We will probably leave Varkala tomorrow (Tuesday) We don;t know the set up for internet at next stop - so bear with us if all goes quiet.

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