Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rikki Tikki Tavi, the hangover & funeral on the beach!

Quick post to say we're clearly nowhere near Mumbai but awful news!
Seems security has been increased in train stations all over the country- which is a comfort!

Kind of nothing to update as we are, more than ever, chilling and enjoying a lazy, readee kind of beach hols.

Si disappeared til 4am getting drunk with the most good looking 19 yr olds around but can't recall too much about it. (I knew I'd have been in less trouble if I'd accepted the invite from the one-armed man... - Pants) Today we saw them on the beach and they ran over excitedly to tell us they'd seen loads of otters on the cliff. I gave them a kindly matronly disapproving glare, befitting of my huge fatness and wisdom and asked "otters? Or mongoose?". They blushed and giggled and admitted to not knowing the difference between a rabbit and a reptile- felt slightly bad at myself and wondered whether the errant one was worth this much "woman scorned" style behaviour!!!! Turned into a joke- no harm done.

Beach is mellow but also the site of 2000 year old funeral rituals. The locals send off the ashes of loved ones into the sea with pomp and ceremony of loin clothed priests. Meanwhile nearby many a clueless western femme is galavanting in bikini! Shameful!

Still not total middle aged pride yet though as I chug my way through third G & T and smile beningly at the waiters!!!! Next year I'm off to Gambia to find a willing young fisherman! :-)))

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