Sunday, 10 July 2011

Surreal day in Dubai

Long trip with an intermission of 14 hours in Dubai. What a surreal experience that was, arriving in UK time about 3.30am and having to deal with 45 degrees heat and the madness of a town not unlike some Star Wars set. As it was Friday there were no buses or trains running so we had no option but to hop a pink (ladies’) cab and ask our driver to “Take us to the pips” She clearly wasn’t familiar with Alan Partridge and we clarified dubiously… “City Centre?” when she asked which one we gave up and asked her to recommend what we should do and so found ourselves in the largest, richest, emptiest shopping mall ever in the world. Great when 1) you hate shopping 2) you have zero UAE cash and a budget which barely allows you to look at a cup of coffee in any of the eateries.

We wandered about gazing at the Givenchy, Tom Ford, Armani wares and then outside to gaze up and be blinded by the vast needle of the Burg al Kalifa. The place is huge and empty. After we rather embarrassingly fell asleep in the comfy chairs situated mid mall we scuttled off to grab a cab to take us to the souks. We wandered along beside the creek listening to the call to prayer from the variety of minarettes around town. (That was ticking a box for Jo as I‘ve always wanted to hear that in a Islamic state) Had a great Tabouleh, Hummus, Baba Ganoush mixed mez lunch and then hopped back to airport for the most expensive pair of drinks we’ve ever bought 16GBP for small wine and a beer!!!

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  1. will have to raise the prices at the WADDY,thanks for the heads up. enjoy x