Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1 Night in Bangkok

We arrived by taxi just before 8:00 pm at our amazing, chilled out hotel located in a part of Bangkok well away from the high rises and tourist areas. After a quick shower, we were out passing street food stalls, tuk tuks, eels in bowls, wired up locals drinking cheap rum mixed with energy drinks, and endless green vegetation plus the odd lizard. 

Jo's 40th birthday dinner was spent by the main river, with the water heaving with enormous thrashing fish, and being bombarded by bats. Our first dish came out, and we knew we were in trouble as the prawns were raw - "cooked" with chilli and lime. Jo wisely declined to eat them, but I figured I might as well dive in the deep end. This probably wasn't the brightest move as I ended up beating the world diarrhea record. 3 hours! 

Jo here.  Thanks for the birthday greetings one and all.  Made a toast to dad with our beer last night and thought he would probably have enjoyed the setting.  We hadn't been sitting at te table for more than a few secs when we had half the cafe over introducing themselves and teaching (in vain I must add) to speak Thai!!! Mainly we met a friendly faced dude (who I'm sure used to be in that hit tv show of our youths- Monkey!!) He was overtly friendly and before long was saying he had a friend in UK and we should contact him before we left so he could put us in touch with th friend.  He gave us his business card (Tip Toys!!) and then casually got around to talking about dope ..... I gave Pants a bruise on his shin before politely saying we didn't go in for that kind of thing (ahem!- well I've seen that BK hilton thing and thoughts of us cheerfully carrying a toy elephant back for his old pal in the good ol' UK wasn't appealing.)

You cannot contemplate the heat - faces are a lather of sweat constantly.  Breakfast this morning, in this idylic hotel garden with it's Buddha and little area set out for massages, consisted of fresh water melon juice, rice with pineapple juice, fresh herb salad followed by sago in coconut milk with cantaloups.  

Right off to the old markets this morning and then maybe a temple or two for jollies.  Love to all.. (PS: Bill- Si did reply - he has great big fat digits though so poss hit a bum note on the email address.  Hope you are feeling more positive -we think of you often.)

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