Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mangroves, monkeys and mad thai rum

So we arrived in Krabi which is quite chilled little town on a tidal river edged with mangroves. We took a long tailed boat trip along these and saw about a half a dozen sea eagles including an amazing view of one swooping down into the river right along side the boat. The boat man took us to see a big cave and then onto a fish farm (where he seemed to be more fascinated than we were fedding these enormous fish with small stinky fish) In the afternoon we wandered along the walk by the river and saw some monkeys playing chicken on the road running out to pick up fallen fruit and then dashing back to the side whenever a moped came zipping around the corner.

Last night we went to a cool bar called FU Bar which was the ubiquitous reggae stylee but this one was the best - really cool. The owner was a Thai guy with hair past his behind in dreads. A real smiley character who it turns out has an English girlfriend from Reading and a 1 year old daughter (he then proceeded to ply us with Thai rum and show us countless pictures of said offspring) It was worth it just to see Simon's amazingly polite show of interest as he flicked through the pictures and kept showing them to me saying "Oh would you look at this one and oh isn't she cute!" Quite unSimonlike!

It turned out that our new friend was called WOOD! So much back slapping and showing of passports by us and utility bills by him to prove the unlikely coincidence. We also met a young gay chap with the unfortunate name of BUM. Very sweet and looking for a long term boyfriend.,. When asked to describe his perfect type he basically described Simon (but with out the beard) This morning Simon went for a walk and passing a Thai Massage place out trots Bum "Yoo Hoo!" trying to drag Simon in for a beard trip - yeah right and the rest!! (Get your hands off of my man Bum!!)

So we're kciking our heals abit today as we wait to get picked up and taken to Surat Thani at 3.30 ish. Then we hop the 23:oohrs train to BK. We have a first class sleeper compartment this time- so at least if we cannot sleep we can have a fight or something to pass the time. We should arrive in BK about 10am on Friday morning which gives us a shocking four days there. Really it is too much but we are both feeling tired and the thought of trekking all the way across to Koh Samui (Bus, Boat etc) for a few more beach days just doesn't appeal. All our clothes are minging and I guess the horror of it is we are sort of ready to move on ... home I suppose. However if you have enjoyed this blog and would like to continue reading about our adventures please use Paypal to send your donations...(We could easily head to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and then maybe Austra;ia, NZ for 6 months or so before heading via Easter Island to Chile and S. America for another 6-9 mths and then perhaps north America if you still feel generous???? No! Ah well it was worth a try!)

Will update again no doubt in BK.

We get back to UK at about on Tuesday night and then will have to head North on Weds as I have heaps of prep for new term.

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