Friday, 7 August 2009

Thailand for chinese

Slept like we've never slept before- so chilled. Last night went down to the big backpacker street and chilled out with a couple of cold ales whilst watching all the action- still in thirties even at midnight-really really hot.  Met a nice lass named Mel travelling from Aus to have her teeth done but needing to stay in BK for a few weeks for treatment- brave girl. Hi Mel if you get to check in here- we enjoyed the laugh.  Crazy crazy here- wandering street vendors ever optimistically trying to sell us the biggest pile of rubbish you can ever imagine wishing to buy... glow in the dark plastic cubes pretending to be candles with Man U logos which double as a clock!  Wooden frogs which can be made to croak, torches which glow in tin spots of light and of course the universal plastic roses sold by three tiny kids (youngest about 4 and eldest -the girl about 9 throwing her arms around seated western men and masssaging them, flirting to get a sale! A bit upsetting to see- especially at gone midnight)  Saw our fist ladyboy out on th razzle - have to say if you are going in for the sex change thing you might doll up a bit- honestly he was going for me on a lazy sunday after a big night- not very lovely!

Took our first tuk tuk ride (cost a quid) at 2am, haring around corners and squeezing in between trucks and buses scary, smelly, noisy but fun!  

Today we went by boat to China Town .... simply the maddest, smelliest, noisiest place I've ever been  and once in there it went on for ever.  Oh the humanity!!  Escaped after a time and found a place for a quiet contemplative beer before heading back to the chill zone for another shower and a nap! Quite a different experience from yesterday's 40 foot reclining buddha.

Anyway off out for something good to eat now and then tomorrow we have a secret mission in Kanchanaburi something about blowing up a bridge on the River Kwai before the Japs get there... (something tells me we'll be too late!)

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