Sunday, 2 August 2009

Pre-Thailand Shuffle

Well! Here we are doing the pre-Thailand shuffle, which sounds like we're busy runnng about, packing, cleaning, paying bills, checking travel docs etc. In reality we're chillaxing with a new CD by the Red Sparowes -musically very good but their spelling leaves a lot to be desired. We woke up at 4.30am with feelings of OMG! we're leaving for Blewbury tomorrow and we've heaps to do and here we are -having achieved the square route of B all-eating cheese (yum all melty!) and drinking Gs and Ts at 13:20!! Typical, bloody typical Ah! (That Ah! should translate visually into a gallic shrug! Think Gerard Depardieu)

All this pointless drivel is really to make our new blog look less like our bank accounts (ie: at least it has something in it!) and to acclimatise you our nearest and dearest to the idea that you can keep tabs on our journeying this time. The idea is simple enough pop along here every once in a while and read the posts to discover the latest in our Thai adventure.

Apart from dreams involving: Rabid snake rat dogs with dengue fever, malaria and diarrhea - we're pretty excited- Tsunamis, sharks, jelly fish, over loaded ferries and dodgey Tuk tuk drivers not withstanding -we're looking forward to tramping the well travelled paths of about a zillion backpackers who did it "before it became comercialised" blah blah.. Other dangers clearly include travel bores and Rick Stein- but heh that's a danger anywhere (Cornwall anyone?)

I suppose we ought to get on and stop warbling on about nothing.. There's half a bottle of gin and some listeria to get through before we sleep! Woo Hoo only two more sleeps!!!!

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  1. Hi Jo and Si, you are probably mid flight at the moment but just thought I would use some of my spare time in work (like 5 hours) to drop you a line.

    Did try and call from Cornwall but you were obviously enjoying the cheese and gin far too much..... Cant wait to hear more news and pics.

    Love to you both Debs & Ell. xx